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A French SME specialised in millimetric wave radar signal analysis is looking for technical cooperation agreements in order to process signals via Artificial Intelligence

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TRFR20210412001
Publication Date: 13 April 2021


The SME located in Southern France is specialised in contactless technologies. Based on millimeter wave research program, they created a radar to determine unique cardiac motions. Each cardiac motion represents a biometric signature for individual authentication. To improve signal analysis of millimetric waves radar, the SME is looking for Artificial Intelligence based processing methods. The SME would therefore be interested in technical cooperation agreements in the EU.


Person identification without contact is not enough reliable today whatever the technology might be. Therefore, the cardiac geometry of the heart is one possible source of a new biometry.  Every human is unique. All individuals have a set of biometric characteristics differentiating  one from another. All these characteristics define each individual's cardiac motion. 

In 2018, the SME located in Southern France started working on R&D programme to determine unique cardiac motion as a biometric signature for each individual.
The SME approach represents a unique pattern built from the analysis of periodic movements caused by heartbeat and breathing motions. The SME manages to identify the cardiac motion of each individual via a millimetric wave radar which detects the biological movements and process them.
The advantage of cardiac motion is that it brings proof of life, it is non-cloneable and unique, it is ideal for personal identification, with privacy respect of the people observed.

Since their creation, the amount of data to be processed and analysed is very high and could be better systematised. Therefore, the SME initiated a research on millimetric waves radar and signal processing of the raw data by AI (Artificial Intelligence). In this context, the SME is wishing through AI technologies to improve the performance of signal processing.

The SME is therefore looking for research institutes, universities and technoparks located in the EU which can offer solutions or best practices on millimetric waves data processing. The objective would be to initiate technical cooperation agreements with such partners.
The SME pre-identified research projects in Germany but is open to any EU initiative on the mentioned topic.

Expertise sought

Technical cooperation agreement with universities, research institutes and techno centers in order to improve data processing methods for data produced by millimetric wave radar.

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The SME looks for technology providers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and signal processing where studies can be conducted to improve the performance of the process.
The partners could be a university, a techno park or a research centre specialised in the field of radar technologies and signal processing with AI (Artificial Intelligence).
The potential partner would be ideally located in Germany where solution providers have already been identified.

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