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French company offering a high-performance cloud platform for powerful 3D content visualization is looking for technical cooperation agreements in the EU

Country of Origin: France
Reference Number: TOFR20210607001
Publication Date: 7 June 2021


The company, located in Southern France, offers 3D content based on a patented 5G open source technology. The technology agregates all available data. Based on the data gathered, the SME's high-performance cloud platform delivers powerful 3D content visualization, sharing and collaboration for professional and consumer applications. The company decided to focus on 3 sectors: health, construction and art & culture, and is looking at technical cooperation agreements in these (across the EU).


The company is located in Nice in Southern France but also has its R&D team in Montreal, Canada. The company developed its product based on the statement that data is power and that 3D content will be more and more predominant in the future with the advent of augmented reality.  The 3D content market for virtual reality should have a share of up to 500 billions dollars in the upcoming 10 years. The differentiation on this market is based on the quantity and quality of data available to reconstitute the reality.

The first to build a platform capable of rationally gathering the largest amount of 3D data do will therefore have a significant advantage.
Two major solutions are currently available for interactive 3D content: the "Unreal" and "Unity" engines. These solutions
are highly game-oriented and difficult to adapt to new use cases and require deployment on the client's hardware.
These solutions are incomplete because they use the hardware resources of the customer's device. The SME offers a cloud solution gathering all type of data available in open source and not linked to a specific hardware/software. The company created therefore a platform putting together the largest amount of 3D data. They would be interested in expanding their technology for different uses of virtual reality.

The company's customers are individuals or companies who wish to manage, view, share or collaborate on 3D content. They are 3D content creators who want to sell their design or collaborate with their customers or colleagues on it.
The application areas are vast but the company is targeting verticals such as: CAD industry, medicine, architecture, archaeology, BIM, game design, security, simulation, digital education. Located in France, the company is quite present on the national market but is targeting now international markets and especially neighbouring countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, Benelux and the UK. In these countries, the company is looking for technical cooperation agreements with partners in the following specific verticals identified: medicine, BIM (Business Information Modelling) and arts.

Advantages and Innovations


- Invite co-workers and clients to join 3D session from anywhere on the planet
- Multi-users per GPU and no Virtual Machine license
- Large data file management and 3D visualization computed on Cloud GPU


- High resolution 3D Models
- Most popular 3D file format: Industry CAD design, Medical DICOM format, OBJ, FBX…
- No installation required
- Very low device resources required.
- Source data never reaches end devices only views and interactions are streamed
- Protected workspace

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The partner sought should be a virtual reality content producer from the 3 following verticals: BIM, arts and medicine. 
The partner is used to integrate data gathering technology for 3D content visualization. The company should be working in a B2B2C environment. The ideal partner should have a strong interest in working with open data.

Dissemination Countries

Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands

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