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Pig breeding Romanian company is looking for distributors on foreign markets

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: BORO20211221001
Publication Date: 21 December 2021


Pig breeding company, established in the South-West Region of Romania, offers a small to medium-sized breed known for its fat production and is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign companies based on distribution services agreement. This breed of pig differs from others in the contents of polyunsaturated fats by having low cholesterol, more vitamins and a good lipid profile meat for health.


Romanian company active in the field of pig breeding, is looking for distributors for access to new markets. The main activity consists in the reproduction, breeding and sale of domestic breed of pigs, whose meat profile contains over 70% polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, and can be eaten by people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. This type of meat doesn't contain as many toxins as other pig breeds and has a low level of cholesterol. This breed of pig needs modest shelters, because they adapt very easily to the conditions in which they are exposed, they like to run, and their growth in the wild guarantees delicious meat. Also, they are resistant to less favorable climatic conditions and have a higher immunity to disease. The growth period is up to two years. Unlike other breeds of pigs, which are intensively reared and can reach 100 kg in 6 months, this breed needs 15 months to be slaughtered. The fact that this breed must be allowed to mature naturally and that it cannot be grown industrially, with concentrated feed, makes their meat more healthy and free of toxins.


Advantages and Innovations

Romanian company breeds, raises and sells a domestic pig that has proven to have the following advantages: 
- low level of toxins;
- the meat percentage of this breed is 45%, and the meat-fat ratio is 1.1 / 1;
- contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and can be eaten even by people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Also, no special conditions are necessary for growth of this pig breed. Thus, being a herbivorous it consumes mainly corn, grass and fodder.

IPR status


Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

The Romanian company is looking for long-term cooperation with foreign distributors.
The main task of the partners will be to undertake the product distribution under a distribution services agreement. The partner should already be a well-established and experienced distributor and have contacts in the following fields: agriculture, animal farm, grocery stores, slaughterhouses.

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