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[Eureka or Eurostars3] A Korea SME is looking for R&D partner to develop remote marine safety control and maintenance system based on the long coverage maritime WiFi technology

Country of Origin: South Korea
Reference Number: RDKR20211015001
Publication Date: 15 October 2021


[Eureka or Eurostars] A Korean SME has developed the maritime broadband wireless telecommunication solution which is more accessible regarding cost and quality compared to satellite internet  near harbour. The company wants to utilize its technology for safety control and maintenance of ships and other assets such as wind power generators. To apply for Eureka or Eurostars, the company is looking for R&D partners with technologies related to preventive maintenance.


The statistics is showing that more than 90% of maritime businesses is being performed within 100KM from the shore, yet more than 70% of the business is located within 30KM from the shore.
It’s inevitable for most of maritime businesses, because of that particularity, to be exposed to the extremely harsh condition of the sea, where the only way for their Internet is to rely on the satellites that is very expensive, but has very low quality, that cannot be used for the remote universal safety control or calamity prevention service.

To overcome the disadvantages and limitations of the satellite communication system, a Korean SME has been developing the maritime broadband wireless telecommunication solution by transferring core technologies from ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute), representative ICT R&D center in Korea.

Using this new maritime WiFi system, this company has been providing many demo tests to prove the fluent control of multi-channel and cross-band platform at the local ports. The company expects to employ this system for remote monitoring and AI-based preventive maintenance system of the ships and marine assets such as wind power generators. This communication system can be contributed to establish the smart habour platform.

This Korean SME is planning to apply for international joint R&D programmes to fully commercialise the marine long distance WiFi system. As the company has expertise in telecommunication control and equipment development, it is looking for R&D partners with preventive maintenance technologies based on AI / Machine-learning / Big data.

The outcomes of this prospective R&D project will be used for various maritime sections like ocean wind-power generator or off-shore plant where there are crowded facilities needed to be monitored remotely without satellite internet. Transportation vehicles also can be monitored by cloud service.

The sought partners should have expertise in AI-based preventive maintenance technology for maritime sector preferably, and their R&D roles will be mainly development of remote preventive maintenance system. The Korean company is planning to apply for Eureka / Eurostars programme in 2022.

Advantages and Innovations

-	Monitoring ships and structures in 100 km from habour
- Using long coverage maritime WiFi system that is cheaper and better quality communication technology than VSAT(Very Small Aperture Terminal) technology

IPR status

Patents granted

Stage Of Development

Proposal under development

Requested partner

-	Type of partner sought: Company or research institute
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Marine ICT, preventive maintenance expertise based on AI, Big data development
- Task to be performed: Developing remote preventive maintenance system

Cooperation offer is closed for requests