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A Dutch 4G company is looking for IT-distribution partners to roll out their system in German speaking countries.

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Reference Number: BONL20200716001
Publication Date: 21 July 2020


The SME is based in the South of The Netherlands and is established in 2016. The company has developed an internet connection for geographically very remote locations. The Dutch operator is specialized in the field of 4th Generation (4G) internet connections and Internet of Things (IoT)-connections, and is looking for expansion especially in German speaking countries and is willing to conclude a distribution service agreement with the new partners.


The Dutch SME is active on the market since 2016 and is selling their 4G solution solely as a white label to other IT-companies.  It is the companies view that because their distribution partners have the best understanding and knowledge of their users and their region it is easy for them to provide solutions for the problem areas in these regions. 

In the Netherlands, the brand name of the SME stands for a product which is suitable as a main, back up or Internet of Things (IoT)-connection for any company throughout Europe. The hardware has a range of 10 kilometers in which it can pick-up a mobile internet signal and establish a solid internet connection at the end-customer. All with the standard delivery of a fixed IP-Address.

The product offers a solution for companies who do not have access to an internet connection yet.

Their partner network in The Netherlands amounts to 42 partners. In Germany the company already has made the first step and is being successfull in particular in North Rhine-Westphalia where there are already 5 partners. The strategy of the Dutch SME is to expand further in German speaking countries.

The Dutch company will also support the employees of the partner company with a proper training so they can sell the product and provide support if necessary. When it comes to a partnership the Dutch SME aims to build long lasting partnerships, with a win-win-win approach for all involved parties.

In line with their strategy for strong market relations the company is looking for partners in the frame of a distribution services agreement.

Advantages and Innovations

• The product of the SME offers the following advantages and innovations, such as 

o The product is the solution in those area's in Europe where cable Internet is insufficient or too expensive. Setting up an Internet connection is simple: a small receiver is installed on the company building which picks up every 3G and/or 4G signal within a radius of 10 kilometers and converts it into an internal Internet signal.

o A stable Internet connection with a fixed public IP address enables entrepreneurs in business parks and peripheries to have a fast 4G/Long-Term Evolution (LTE) business connection.

o The possibility of a backup Internet connection, providing redundancy.

o The choice between data packages and service packages to create an own ideal connection.

o The guarantee of 99.8% availability for the business Internet by using a very reliable own network, with an Internet connection that is many times faster than the current connection.

o Goes through the air instead of the ground, so it will save start-up costs and it can be delivered quickly.

o A maximum speed of 100Mb/200Mb.

o All connections are combined in a data pool. Therefore, it is possible to send data over all connections without any restrictions and without throttling the connection.

o Works provider independent. The modem automatically selects the strongest 4G signal regardless of the provider. For this reason, the chance to suffer from interferences of the individual provider and / or dropouts of transmission masts is minimized. Easy monitoring of the status of the connections as well as the data usage in the portal.

o In case of cable problems due to work or malfunctions, the product automatically switches on and the user can stay online without any problems.

Expertise sought

Preferably, the partner is active in the IT-world and already has knowledge of internet connections. He should be willing to actively sell the internet connections to his clients and to help them with installation and first line support questions.

Stage Of Development

Already on the market

Requested partner

Preferably, the partner is active in the IT-world and has already knowledge of internet connections. The partner is willing to actively sell internet connections to his clients and is willing to help with installation and first line support questions.

Dissemination Countries

Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg

Cooperation offer is closed for requests